Erik Rasmussen, tenor


Straight lines with dots at the end forming a circular pattern

Special skills: When he's not in the practice room, performing on stage, or commuting in-between, Mr. Rasmussen maintains a busy studio teaching voice and beginner piano lessons at Rock N Roll U on Long Island, where his students have been featured as leading and supporting roles in local professional and school theatre productions. Having an interest in arts administration, Mr. Rasmussen tended to various administrative duties as a Production Assistant for Spotlight on Opera in 2019, served as Executive Producer for the Fredonia Student Opera Theatre Association's 2017 Opera Scenes, and was the student social media publicist for the Fredonia Masterworks Chorus' 2016 performance of Bach's ST. MATTHEW PASSION in collaboration with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. He is an avid houseplant enthusiast, novice terrarium builder, and loving cat dad.

A cooler special skill: Mr. Rasmussen can perform a very realistic dog bark.

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Erik Rasmussen, tenor